Why Now?

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Issue # 048
| 01/31/2024

As January comes to a close, you might find yourself a little skeptical with all of this talk about making positive changes to your life. After all, you’ve been here before, full of optimism about the new year, only to find yourself in the same place months later.

Here are a few things I am learning to embrace along the way.

  1. Work at change, believing in God for the impossible.
  2. Be grateful for any progress, big or small, made while trying to change.


So, if you are skeptical, I get it.
If you have doubts, I’ve been there.

I choose to believe God is not done with me yet.

And I believe the same for you.


So, let’s get to it…


If you are a parent or perhaps have nieces and nephews, the question “why” might haunt you. As kids reach the age of two to three years, repetitive questions asking “Why?” seem to become their life’s mission. Parents, aunts, and uncles are overwhelmed with an onslaught of why questions on everything from brushing their teeth to the color of the sky. So, if my question asking “why” has you at your wit’s end, rest assured I am going somewhere.

Why now?

Like your kids, nieces, or nephews, we must ask “why” or, more importantly, “why now” as we seek lasting changes. For adults, understanding what thoughts, events, or circumstances brought us here is crucial to our success.

β€œTo see a shift or change in your life, you need more reasons to work for change than reasons to stay still.”

Debra Fileta

As you read this, there is a good chance you are looking to change something in your life. That or you are strictly here to support me, which I am incredibly grateful for.

If we want to make progress, it’s crucial to answer the “why now” question.

So if you have yet to find your answer, let’s do this. Why Now?

If you or someone you care about are experiencing depression or anxiety, please know you don’t have to face them alone.

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Last updated on: 01/31/2024
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Improve your well-being in just 10 minutes per week.