God, Give Me A Battle Plan

Replacing the Lies With Truth

In God, Replace the Lies With Truth, we learned about replacing the lies with God’s Truth. We shared in a practical exercise of writing out our list of lies and asking God to speak into each of those areas. This process will ultimately involve spending time in God’s Word and reflective prayer. Sometimes progress comes quickly while other lies may take time to address. What is important is that we continue seeking God in the process believing God will answer our requests for clarity.

Regular Time With God

Once we have found truth to replace all of the lies, it will take committment to making the truth of God the center of our lives. As we experience different circumstances, we might be tempted to revert back to believing the lies we became so comfortable with before. This is a part of the ongoing battle with fear and anxiety. If you have yet to establish a daily quite time, then this is the next step towards your fight against anxiety and fear.

A Healthy Foundation

As you continue to put God first in your life and in your day-to-day, God will honor your faithfullness with strength. As you establish the foundation to a healthy relationship with God through spending time in the Bible and regular prayer, you set yourself up with the resources needed to battle anxiety day-in and day-out. The process of identifying lies and seeking God’s truth to replace those lies is a healthy practice for every believer. Anxiety and fear thrive best in the dark. When we identify those items and allow God’s Word to speak into the foundation of our fear or anxiety, we bring those items into the light. It is here that we do battle. Except we are not the ones fighting the war, God fights for us. We simply surrender the lies to God and allow him to fight on our behalf.

Not An Easy Battle

As we learn to lay a healthy foundation, we will find that this process is not easy. This is indeed a battle and the easy way through this battle is to choose not to fight at all. It is to make a choice to give in to your fear and anxiety. That is perhaps where you started before you began to fight. And although we do not fight the battle, we must be willing to lay the groundwork and allow God to fight for us. Our part in this battle is engaging the power of God to fight for us. To do this we must be willing to surrender the battle to God. I love the truth of what Pastor Craig Groeschel says about surrender.

“God can do more with your surrender, than you can do with your control.” Craig Groeschel

Rinse And Repeat

While I would certainly love to tell you that by doing these things once it all will just go away, but I would not be truthful in telling you so. This process of asking God to strengthen our faith, identifying lies, seeking God’s truth, and surrendering the battle to God should become a daily practice for every believer.

Our Battle Plan For Fighting Fear And Anxiety

  1. Start with asking God to strengthen your faith.
  2. Seek God asking Him to reveal any lies you might be believing.
  3. Ask God to replace the lies you have been believing with Truth.
  4. Surrender – allow God to fight the battle.
  5. Repeat Daily

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