TOP 013: Flossing Saved My Life

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Flossing Saved My Life

Flossing Saved My Life – The Overflow Podcast


hello and welcome to the Overflow podcast my name is Craig Booker the title of this episode is flossing saved my life a lot of the material for this week’s episode was inspired by Craig Rochelle’s book the power to change mastering the habits that matter most note I will talk a lot about mental health but please note this is not a substitute for therapy or mental health care I am not a counselor or a physician if you need help with mental health challenges please find a qualified mental health professional see last week we talked about change your life change your habits in today’s episode we’re going to be talking about flossing saved my life so last week we were talking about our habits and we didn’t exercise to examine our daily routine uh looking at the habits that we do every day that we probably don’t think about to see you at if we need to make any adjustments or before we try to add a new strategic habits to our routines this week we’re talking about flossing saved my life Craig Rochelle in his book in this chapter goes on to talk about how early on I I think he says for like 20 years he started a new habit every year like one new habit and at the very beginning the first habit that he started was flossing he absolutely hated flossing so he figured that if he can floss on a regular basis and do something that he hates than anything else that came along had to be easier than flossing that is where that title comes from and he he goes through and tells a story kind of like a progression of how he started flossing and then from flossing he started other habits and just how the progression of starting a small thing like flossing every day it resulted in Saving his life that’s where the title comes from life-changing principles that he mentions at the beginning of this chapter are never underestimate how God can start something big through one small habit the small things that no one sees can lead to Big results everyone wants and success happens not by accident but by habits on the first one the never underestimate how God can start something big through one small habit this main story that he talks about is the story of Daniel praying and he goes on on and kind of tells that story of how he prayed three times a day and how that ultimately set the course for Daniel’s life and so that was the the one small habit that Daniel did that changed his life all right and the quote from Craig Rochelle hope doesn’t change your life habits do specifically mastering the habits that matter most why is this good news because you’re not a victim of your circumstances because you don’t need something big to magically happen if you want something big to happen start small because you don’t have to keep helplessly hoping for change you can start and maintain habits that will lead to change if you’ll notice a lot of this overlaps previous chapters so it’s all kind of coming starting to come together in this next part we you know we talked about discipline and we talked about you are disciplined a lot of us we talked about how a lot of us don’t see ourselves as disciplined people because if of how we look at discipline for now realize you are disciplined and have been establishing new habits your whole life we’re now going to get intentional with what habits we want to start we’re going to get intentional with what habits we need to stop so hopefully you can see how this is starting to come together if we look at last episode where we were examining our routine to identify habits that we already do each day that should allow you to see things that maybe you want to stop or maybe things that you want to start by doing that exercise from last episode so if you haven’t done that I would encourage you to go back to that episode go through that exercise by doing that you’ll be able to look at things either that you need to start or you need to stop in order to achieve your goal ideally we only want to start one new habit at a time because we’re making taking such large changes to our routine that we want to do everything we can to set ourselves up for Success you know what Craig Rochelle recommends in his book is not to start more than one new habit at a time all right so we’re kind of layering all these different exercises that we’ve done in in past episodes and we’re kind of putting them all together now you know we can look at our daily routine we can look at like the person that the who or the person we want to become and we can look at things we need to stop or we need to start in order to become that person you know don’t feel like you had to have done all of this or you’re all of a sudden lost the good thing is is that now it’s all online on the Overflow website so if there’s a piece of this that you missed if there’s something that you really need to go back and revisit you can absolutely do so now that we’ve done some of this hard work and gone through a lot of these extra sizes we can start piecing together how we Implement change we’re now going like I said we’re now going to get intentional with what habits we want to start and what we need to stop uh and it says choosing the right habits will change your life habits not hope changing your habits change your life so one reason why this is really encouraging for mental health this this is how it really comes in to practical application for mental health is a lot of times and it just doesn’t apply to every part of mental health but a lot of times when you have a diagnosis you feel kind of Trapped you feel like you’re a victim of your circumstances because you know an event has happened or something happened to trigger your condition and you feel somewhat like helpless because all of a sudden you have this new condition and maybe you can’t function right the things that you used to do you can’t do anymore or it seems like you can’t do them anymore so there’s this this feeling at least in my experience there’s this feeling of helplessness that you’re just stuck with what your circumstances gave you and in in my experience going to professionals doctors counselors I didn’t get the sense that there was a lot of Hope to change any of this it you know number Point number two there you know you don’t need something big to magically happen I felt like a miracle needed to happen for my situation to change I didn’t feel like I could do anything to impact what had happened my circumstances how I was feeling other than taking medication and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with medication I’m just saying that’s the only thing I felt like I could do or I would get the the recommendation by a doctor well why don’t you exercise you know that is something I could do but for me that was at the time when I’m the way that I was feeling the anxiety that I was feeling at points going outside was a big challenge for me just to go outside and yes I could exercise indoors that’s true about all the stuff that I would picture doing to exercise involved going outside and at the time I just didn’t feel like that was something I could do to impact my situation and so I felt a bit of hopelessness and I felt a little bit like I was a victim of my circumstances and how did I end up here and where was God in all of this why this is important to people with anxiety depression you know different forms of mental illness or mental challenges is that we can impact our situation I’m not saying that you can heal yourself that you’ll magically have everything disappear and you’ll be better and back to where you were before all this happened what I’m saying is you can impact it and sometimes that comes through our perspective and if if that’s if that is what you can do to change where you’re at perspective is a big deal it can change you from being a miserable person to a joyful person and that will change your life okay so it at the very least if you the only thing that you’re able to change is your perspective realize that’s a big deal there’s other things that we can change like the small little changes that improve little parts of our life and when you you know when you make all these small little changes over time when you look back at your life you really did make a big Improvement like whether it’s you know improving your sleep whether it’s through like the things that you’re eating or not eating anymore whether it’s you’re adding a routine like exercising to help you kind of process some of the stress that you feel you know the importance here is you know I think I’ve mentioned this at some time is I always thought that Improvement meant either my condition had to completely disappear and I was suddenly healed of everything in order to make a change and that’s just not true I mean that definitely would do it but what I’m saying is it could be your perspective it could be you make little changes to your routine like your sleep exercise level maybe what you eat these little things that when when they you start doing them they make small improvements when you put them together they really make a difference it doesn’t mean that all of a sudden like once you make these improvements your mental health challenges are gone it’s just you’re learning to better cope with your circumstances and what you’re experiencing and that really sets you up for success in the future because say you know after you do all these changes your your anxiety or depression really gets a lot better and you’re feeling so much better and that prepares you for the future when an event um happens something traumatic comes into your life you can better cope with whatever comes your way because you’ve done all that work to set yourself up for the future we have an exercise and it says because we’re talking about mastering the habits that matter most what is the first habit you can establish that could lead to your biggest win what is the first habit you can establish that could lead to your biggest win in his book Craig Rochelle is talking about how flossing the small habit of flossing led to so much positive change in his life and so likewise I believe that we all have something like that that could lead to positive change in our life it’s identifying that first habit that we can establish the lead to our biggest win he goes on to talk about how the actual habit of flossing helped them to realize he is a disciplined person you know that’s a common struggle for many people is not believing that we’re disciplined and that you know adding that one habit of flossing helped him believe that he’s a disciplined person and so he kind of stacks that on top of okay because he flosses he’s disciplined he goes to bed early so he can get up early he’s a disciplined person and so these small things start to stack and help you to believe the things that the truths that you need to believe to accomplish your goal and so you know whether that is going to bed at a certain time whether that is getting up at a certain time it could be a very small habit that could lead to your overall goal all right so principle here is never underestimate how God can start something big through one small habit the small things that no one sees can lead to the big results everyone wants success happens not by accident but by habits uh Luke 16 10 of the New Living Translation says if you are faithful in little things you would be faithful and large ones that’s all for this episode thank you for watching if you liked the video give us a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes


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