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TOP 007: The Thing About Goals

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The Thing About Goals – Talk Notes

The Thing About Goals – The Overflow Podcast


Hello, and welcome to The Overflow Podcast. My name is Craig Booker. In this episode, we’ll be talking about goals. But it’s on The Power to Change by Craig Groeschel. This is all from his book, okay, I am taking this and kind of adding stuff to it that applies to mental health, but it’s all inspired by his work. I want to make sure and give him credit for that

The title of this episode is the thing about goals in this episode we will start in a new part of the book that is titled training not trying in past episodes we were covering the part of the book called who not do each of the parts of the book is divided up into sections and so this section is titled the thing about goals crico shell starts off with a quote that says defining your win is how you begin he starts telling a story about how a problem or or Trend that he noticed in his own personal life led to him defining a win he was noticing that his kids at various times would come up to him and ask him to do stuff or things that they wanted to do together with him and he was always telling them or he was often telling them no for one reason or another he was either too busy or had too much stuff to do and so he was reading a book uh that’s called The Power of moments this led him to to define a win in his personal life and so as we’re looking into uh goals and this idea about goals why do we need goals and one of the reasons that we need goals is goals give us direction another reason we need goals is goals give us inspiration so starting off with goals give us Direction let’s look at at the story of Paul and Paul wrote a letter to the Paul wrote a letter to inspire the Christians in Corinth Greece and in First Corinthians 9 24 in the New Living Translation says don’t you realize that a race in a race everyone runs but only one person gets the prize so run to win uh another passage uh that he quotes is First Corinthians 9 26 and the cev says I don’t run without a goal and I don’t Box by beating my fists in the air in the book uh Craig Rochelle says after winning a gold medal in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles Morrow prosperi decided to compete in the 1994 Ultra marathon in Morocco a week-long race Morrow disappeared on the fourth day and he ran into a sandstorm which caused him to go 181 miles off course he had no idea where he was going he was completely lost but still continued to run for nine days a quote from Craig Rochelle says you cannot do what you do not define you cannot do what you don’t Define so he says Define your win so in the story as I was saying Craig Rochelle had a problem in his own life that he noticed and that he was always or he was often telling his kids no when they wanted to do something for one reason or another he was too busy uh whatever reason he was always putting them off and and not spending the time that he wanted with his kids and so that led him to Define this win he said his win is to create moments of extraordinary impact with my kids all right so that that was goals give us Direction and now we’re going to talk about goals give us inspiration and there’s there’s a concept at least in you know Western culture that’s called before and after pictures and simply what this means is you know if someone is training maybe to get in better shape maybe they’re training for a marathon maybe they’re trying to lose weight they will often take pictures at the beginning of their training and they will take uh they will take pictures as they progress and then they’ll take pictures after they’ve reached their goal and so they if they take the beginning picture and the the very last picture and put them side by side they can see a big difference in their shape uh maybe you know if they’ve been trying to lose weight they lost weight or they’ve gained a lot of muscle uh and so if we take this concept and apply it to the Bible a Biblical before and after picture uh we can look at the story of Paul and Paul was on the road to Damascus to persecute more Christians when a bright light surrounded him and before this moment Paul had gone around killing Christians afterwards he became one of the Christians he used to hunt God extended Grace to Paul so Paul’s wind became sharing God’s Grace by preaching the word of God so what led Paul to Define his win we’ll look at Galatians 1 13-16 of the New Living Translation it says do you know what I you know what I was like when I followed the Jewish religion how I violently persecuted God’s church I did my best to destroy it I was far ahead of my fellow Jews and my Zeal for the traditions of my ancestors but even before I was born God chose me and called me by His Marvelous Grace then it pleased him to reveal his son to me so that I would proclaim the good news about Jesus to the Gentiles when this happened I did not rush out to consult with any human being Craig Rochelle says defining the wind is not how you win but how you begin so there’s the question how do you win and Craig Rochelle says you win when you quit trying in this episode we have an exercise uh it says what are the primary areas of your life where you need to establish a win some examples might be career finances Health marriage parenting relationship with God he gives us examples and uh you could say in this exercise you could say my win is to and you fill in the blank all right so State your goal and who you will share it with for support my goal is blank and I commit to sharing it with blank principle for this section is defining your win is how you begin uh First Corinthians 9 24 in the NLT says run to win.

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