Called To Who Before Do

TOP 005: Called To Who Before Do

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Talk Notes

Called To Who Before Do – Talk Notes

Called To Who Before Do – The Overflow Podcast


Hello, and welcome to The Overflow Podcast. My name is Craig Booker. The title of this episode is Called To Who Before Do.

A lot of the material for this week’s episode was inspired by Pastor Craig Groeshel’s book The Power to Change Mastering the Habits That Matter Most.

Note: I will talk a lot about mental health, but please note this is not a substitute for therapy or mental health care. I am not a counselor or a physician. If you need help with mental health challenges, please find a qualified mental health professional.

Called To Who Before Do

The title of this episode is Called To Who Before Do.

In the last episode, we talked about the concept of Future You.
In this episode, we focused on the idea that as followers of Jesus, we are called to more.

Called To More

Not necessarily more money, a bigger house, vacations, or followers, but fulfilling who God created us to be. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but they are not the type of more God calls us toward.

When God calls us, he calls us to who before do.

So, in this section, Craig Groeschel outlines two types of more.

Two Types of More

The first type is based on sin.
We want more money, a bigger house, cars, clothes, vacations, friends and followers.
It is never enough. No matter how much we have, we always want more.

The second type that he outlines is a Godly type of more. So this is fulfilling who God created us to be.

Start With Who

When most Believers think of calling, they tend to think about what they’re going to do before they think about who they’re going to become.

Some examples of do

  • Overseas or inner-city missions
  • Maybe starting a Ministry
  • Starting a non-profit.

These might eventually come, but only after discovering who God is calling you to be.

Here are a few quotes from Craig Groeschel.

He says, “Your calling is more about who you’re becoming than what you are doing.”

“Understanding our who illuminates our do.”

“Another way to say this is you are called first to salvation then to sanctification then to serving. Sanctification and serving will then run parallel until Heaven. The two work hand in hand.”

Let’s think about the two who’s of Jesus and you and how they give significance to your do.

Two Who’s

  1. First is Jesus we are called to be like Jesus. Whatever you do, do it for Jesus.
  2. The second is you. The person God made you to be.

A quote from Craig Groeschel says, “If your due is about who God wants you to become and who you want to become, then your do is not small.”


Now we have an exercise for this section, and it lists out different topics.

So the first one is salvation, and it says, “If you are a follower of Jesus, briefly write out your testimony how you came to Salvation in Christ.”

The second one is sanctification.

List the most significant changes Christ has made in your life since salvation.

The third one is serving.

What is your do your calling to serve? Is there a service that you sense God has called you to do, but the opportunity has not come yet, and it asks you to explain.


That’s all for this episode. Thank you for watching. If you like the video, give us a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes


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