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TOP 003: True You

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Talk Notes

True You – Talk Notes

True You – The Overflow Podcast


Hello, and welcome to The Overflow Podcast. My name is Craig Booker. The title of this episode is True You.

A lot of the material for this week’s episode was inspired by Pastor Craig Groeshel’s book The Power to Change Mastering the Habits That Matter Most.

Note: I will talk a lot about mental health, but please note this is not a substitute for therapy or mental health care. I am not a counselor or a physician. If you need help with mental health challenges, please find a qualified mental health professional.

The title of this episode is True You.

Craig Groeschel says who you think you are drives your behavior your who changes your do he also goes on to say it’s critically important for you to know who you are so where do we tend to get our identity there are three places we tend to get our identity from one is what others think of us two is our worst sins or habits and third is our enemy so first let’s talk about what others think of us a quote from Craig Groeschel’s book it says we tend to Define ourselves by what we believe influential people in our lives think about us psychologists call this the Looking Glass self we see ourselves Through The Eyes of others we let those people Define us but that is not who we are the second area that we tend to get our identity from is our own or is our worst sins or habits Craig Groeschel says that we can also Define ourselves by our worst sins or habits an example or a few examples of this is would be to say I’m an addict or I’m an anxious person the third place that we tend to get our identity from is our enemy first Peter 5 8 in the NLT says stay alert watch out for your great enemy the devil he prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour speaking of our enemy Craig Groeschel says his primary target is our identity he knows how essential your self-perception is so he lies to you about who you are and that is why after you yell at your kids you think I’m a bad parent when you don’t get the job you think I’m pathetic I never get me breaks when you realize you didn’t read your Bible plan or pray again this week you think I’m a bad Christian uh in the book Craig Groeschel lists out what he calls identity statements and their corresponding Bible verses so I’ll read through these quickly and I encourage you to look through the talk notes if you’d like to take a deep dive on these so identity statements and Bible verses so Isaiah 62 12 says we are sought after Isaiah 43 4 says we’re precious in His sight second Corinthians 5 17 says we’re a new creation in Christ Romans 8 1 says we are not condemned Colossians 1 14 says we’re forgiven for First John 3 1 says we’re loved uh so there are several there’s a long list of these I encourage you to go through them uh for this section we also have an exercise and in this exercise it says let’s Identify some of the voices that have accused you and told you things about yourself that are not true uh it says has someone has someone in your family or some other close relationship consistently told you something that you have come to believe about yourself even though it is not based in truth list those lies next list any accusations you consistently repeat about yourself that are not on your list of Lies whether or not you know their origin which of the identity statements and Bible verses listed in the chapter stood out to you write out why you feel that statement and verse or verses speak to you uh principle uh you are who God says you are First John 3 1 says see what great love the father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God and that is what we are.


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